Our Vision

Mission Statement
At the Sigmas of Charlotte Foundation, a federally-recognized 501(c)3, our mission is to promote excellence in the Charlotte community by instilling self-sufficiency and dignity among neglected and disadvantaged citizens, particularly focusing on Black men.  In doing so, we aim to leverage physical, educational, and economic instruments to unlock the potential of Black men, playing our part in breaking the vicious cycle of social isolation and economic instability in the said community. We believe that every individual has a right to opportunities and resources to develop themselves and become active contributing members of the Charlotte community. Our humanitarian assistance is aimed at the following aspects of well-being:

Health and Wellness
We aim to improve health outcomes for Black men and people of color by:

  • Partnering with local organizations to design programs and seminars in health education
  • Creating opportunities for physical fitness
  • Ensuring support for mental health
  • Providing healthy situational outcomes through conflict resolution strategies

Economic Stability
Due to systematic inequality, economic opportunities for people of color have always been lacking. We strive to eliminate racial disparities that restrict the economic well-being of the community by:

  • Creating and maintaining a support store that will offer affordable clothing and merchandise for men in life transition
  • Offering job training and workshops for teens and adults entering the job market, rebounding from a job loss, or intending to progress in their respective careers
  • Providing financial wellness seminars to educate disadvantaged citizens on the different facets of wealth building and management

Educational Development
Our mission revolves around imparting quality education to marginalized and disadvantaged groups in the Charlotte community through educational interventions, including but not limited to:

  • Offering children in socio-economic challenged communities reading and tutorial programs to improve overall academic performance in school
  • Hosting a yearly Opportunity Forum that introduces students to career paths they can take with or without a college degree
  • Supporting meaningful infrastructure for efficient learning, such as promoting curriculum development and providing learning aids for students 

To create a community where educational, economic, and physical well-being is not inaccessible to individuals based on their color, race, or social status.

Our Objectives

  1. To strive for the eradication of economic and social injustices from the Charlotte community by supporting measures for the provision of educational, economic, and physical resources to disadvantaged individuals.
  2. To empower individuals by easing their social progress and streamlining their economic trajectory through educational and self-betterment assistance.
  3. To facilitate, organize, and coordinate training courses for disadvantaged students and Black men taking the next step in their careers.
  4. To establish and support centers for the guidance of disadvantaged communities.
  5. To sponsor physical and mental well-being initiatives in the Charlotte community.